This function provides an easy way to remove the gates and nodes created by the most recent call to gs_add_gating_method on the specified GatingSet or GatingSetList, with a separate history being maintained for each such object. gs_remove_gating_method allows for repeated use, effectively serving as a multi-level undo function for gs_add_gating_method.




The GatingSet or GatingSetList for which the most recent gs_add_gating_method call should be reversed.

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if (FALSE) { # add quad gates gs_add_gating_method(gs, gating_method = "mindensity", dims = "CCR7,CD45RA", parent = "cd4-cd8+", pop = "CCR7+/-CD45RA+/-") # Remove the gates and nodes resulting from that gs_add_gating_method call gs_remove_gating_method(gs) }