Repeated calls to the load_gs method in the same session will yield indistinguishable objects that can result in overlapping history of gs_add_gating_method calls. This method allows for the history to be cleared if the user would like to reload the GatingSet and start fresh. Calling gs_add_gating_method_init without an argument will clear the entire gs_add_gating_method history.




a GatingSet or GatingSetList. Can be omitted to clean entire gs_add_gating_method history.


if (FALSE) { # load in a GatingSet gs <- load_gs(path) # Add some nodes using gs_add_gating_method gs_add_gating_method(gs, gating_method = "mindensity", dims = "CCR7,CD45RA", parent = "cd4-cd8+", pop = "CCR7+/-CD45RA+/-") gs_add_gating_method(gs, gating_method = "polyFunctions", parent = "cd8", gating_args = "cd8/IFNg:cd8/IL2:cd8/TNFa") # Remove the effect of the last gs_add_gating_method call using gs_remove_gating_method (note that the first call's effects remain) gs_remove_gating_method(gs) # Re-load the GatingSet to start over gs <- load_gs(path) # At this point, gs will still see the history of the first gs_add_gating_method call above # which will cause problems for later calls to gs_remove_gating_method. # To fix that, just call gs_add_gating_method_init() to start a clean history gs_add_gating_method_init(gs) # Now you can continue using gs_add_gating_method and gs_remove_gating_method from scratch gs_add_gating_method(gs, gating_method = "mindensity", dims = "CCR7,CD45RA", parent = "cd4-cd8+", pop = "CCR7+/-CD45RA+/-") }